Withdrawal Agreement 2019

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In order to facilitate the most efficient transfer of these equipment, the United Kingdom and the Community are taking the necessary legal steps to free the Community from its obligations and commitments arising from the agreement reached on 25 March 1994 with British Nuclear Fuels PLC (now Sellafield Ltd). International agreements to which the EU is a party and international agreements concluded by Member States on behalf of the Union; The first paragraph does not apply when protection in the EU is derived from international agreements to which the Union is a party. The most important cross-cutting difference between the October 2019 and the Va proposals in November 2018 is: that the previous «backstop» maintained a much more comprehensive and comprehensive series of relations on goods trade between the EU and the UK on a proposed customs territory between the UK and the EU (although this would not have prevented further obstacles to economic relations , since it did not include trade in services, transport of people and workers, capital movements, transportation services, etc.). If it is not possible to reach agreement on the inclusion of the newly adopted act in the relevant annex of this protocol, consider any other possibility of maintaining the proper functioning of this protocol and taking all necessary decisions to do so. WITH REGARD TO THE IMPLEMENTATION OF APPROPRIATE MEASURES TO ACHIEVE THE OBJECTIVES OF THE REGIMES SET OUT IN PROTOCOL 3 AFTER THE UK`S WITHDRAWAL FROM THE EU, 1. The United Kingdom ensures that no reduction in rights, guarantees or equal opportunities, as set out in the part of the 1998 Agreement on Rights, Safeguards and Equal Opportunity, is not the result of its withdrawal from the EU, including in the area of protection against discrimination, as set out in the provisions of EU law in Appendix 1 of this protocol. , and it implements this paragraph through specific mechanisms. Iceland, the Principality of Liechtenstein, the Kingdom of Norway and the Swiss Confederation have entered into and apply corresponding agreements with the United Kingdom that apply to EU citizens; and on 22 October 2019, the House of Commons agreed, by 329 votes to 299, to give a second reading to the revised withdrawal agreement (negotiated by Boris Johnson earlier this month), but when the accelerated timetable he had proposed did not receive the necessary parliamentary support, Johnson announced that the legislation would be overturned. [38] [12] Whether or when the agreement will finally be ratified will depend on the development of political events in November and December 2019.

2. For the purposes of paragraph 1, the United Kingdom of Northern Ireland seeks democratic approval in a manner consistent with the 1998 agreement. A decision expressing democratic approval is strictly in line with the unilateral declaration on the application of the «democratic consent in Northern Ireland» of the Northern Ireland Protocol of 17 October 2019, including with regard to the role of the Executive and the Assembly of Northern Ireland. 4. Notwithstanding paragraph 3, the United Kingdom may, during the transitional period, negotiate international agreements in its own areas of jurisdiction: if these agreements do not enter into force or apply during the transitional period, unless the Union allows it. CONSIDERING that an orderly exit from the EU for Gibraltar is to be secured on 20 December 2019 after the Conservatives won the 2019 British general election, the House of Commons adopted second reading of the withdrawal agreement by a majority of 358 to 234.