Voluntary Agreement Meaning In Hindi

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optional (verb): free; unconstrained; in accordance with the will, consent or agreement of a party; unrequited; Free of charge; Without any consideration. voluntarily (verb): of or in relation to volunteerism; as a voluntary church, unlike an established or state church. done voluntarily, intentionally and intentionally or by election. Voluntary is used by an act arising from freedom of will. Membership in the club is voluntary. It can also be used by a will-controlled action. Flashing your eyes can be a voluntary movement. Intentionally, we use something that is done for a reason and only after some reflection. Your negligence was intentional. intentionally used by an act performed intentionally and with a complete understanding of the likely results. It was a deliberate insult. voluntarily (verb): out of intention or intent; intentionally; Useful For member states; Is not coincidental; when one man kills another by hitting a tree, it is not voluntary homicide.

voluntarily (Nouner): someone who engages in a business of his own free will; A volunteer. (Noun): a piece performed by a musician, often extemporary, according to his imagination; especially an organ solo that is played before, during or after worship. voluntarily (verb): From or in relation to the will; subject to or regulated by the will; such as the voluntary movements of an animal, such as leg or arm movements (unlike involuntary movements, such as heart movements. B); voluntary muscle fibers, which are active ingredients in voluntary motion. voluntarily (verb): unconstrained by the intervention of another; without being influenced by the influence of another; Not be stimulated or convinced by another be executed on his part; spontaneously; to act on oneself or to oneself; free. voluntarily, voluntarily, voluntarily, voluntarily, voluntarily, or of his own volition. voluntarily implies the freedom and spontaneity of choice or action without external constraint. a voluntary confession deliberately underlines the awareness of an end to be achieved. the deliberate concealment of vital information deliberately implies full awareness of the nature of its action and its consequences. Deliberate acts of sabotage involve the will and zeal to adhere to or anticipate the wishes of another.

An obedience composition (often improvised) for a solo instrument (especially the solo organ) and not a regular part of a divine service or ऐच्छिक performance: ऐच्छिक- विशेषण [संस्कृत] 1. जो अपनी, इच्छा पसन्द पर निर्भर हो । उदाहरण-गगन में गूँजकर ऐच्छिक करो गान । -आराधना, देखें पृष्ठ संख्या 34 । 2. अपनी इच्छा या पसंद से लिया या दिया जानेवाला । वैकल्पिक । जैसे,-उन्होंने संस्कृत ऐच्छिक विषय लिया है । Average English, Anglo-French volunteering, Latin voluntarius, voluntas will, from velle to will, wish – more at will.