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Certified translations of foreign marriage contracts and foreign foreign language prenupes into English and certified translations of marriage contracts from English to a foreign language play an important role in divorce and family law disputes, as well as in estate disputes. In a recent divorce case, the New Hampshire Supreme Court considered the validity of a marriage settlement that a lower court did not want to enforce. In the case of Mariana Nichnikov and Alexandre Nichnikov, the parties began their romantic relationship in 2003 and got engaged in 2005. At the time, they began to go out and throughout their dating relationship, the woman lived in Russia while the man was living in the United States. After their engagement, the couple went to their respective countries on different occasions, but decided they would get married in Russia. The parties finally decided to divorce. In the context of the parties` divorce proceedings, the Tribunal found that the marriage agreement was not valid on the basis of the «collapsed delay» before the marriage and that the marriage agreement referred to certain non-executions. On the basis of these factors, the court found that the agreement was a product of coercion. The New Hampshire Supreme Court held that the fact that the parties did not have a marriage date or plan at the time of the contract change does not nullify them simply because the parties signed the agreement on the same day they meet. On the basis of these factors, the New Hampshire Supreme Court found that the marital agreement was not involuntarily acquired because of coercion. As a result, the court set aside the order of the property distribution court and placed the distribution of the property in pre-trial detention in accordance with the marriage agreement. However, the court rejected the husband`s request to set aside the other decisions of the district court concerning a referral order, an education plan and residence arrangements. In addition, the court found the woman well trained and demanding, noted that she obtained a law degree in Russia and worked in a high-level position within the man`s company that oversees 200 employees.

In addition, the court found that because of the woman`s position in her husband`s business, the wife had been well on the company`s finances and had access to her financial documents and had even prepared budgets for the company. Finally, the court considered the fact that the agreement contained a waiver stating that the woman had sufficient time to investigate the man`s property, but waived her right to do so. Contact All Language Alliance, Inc. for a certified translation of international marriage contracts and post-ascending agreements from English to simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Arabic and other foreign languages, as well as certified translations of foreign prenupes from each language to English. We also offer certified translations of Islamic marriage contracts, Middle Eastern marriage contracts and Muslim marriage contracts from Turkish, Arab, Persian, Kurdish and certified Jewish marriage contracts (Ketubah). Before the couple married, the man informed the woman that they had to get a marriage pact because he had three children who had to be protected if they divorced.