The Sql License Agreement Cannot Be Located

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Comentarios desactivados en The Sql License Agreement Cannot Be Located The SQL Server License Agreement cannot be found for the selected edition . This may be due to the fact that the damaged media have been damaged or that the output is not supported by the media. TITLE: SQL Server installation error. —————————— SQL Server configuration was the following error: Can`t find the SQL Server license agreement for the selected ENTERPRISE edition. This may be due to the fact that the damaged media have been damaged or that the output is not supported by the media. Error code 0x858C001B. For help, click: —————————— BUTTONS: OK —————————— . . Here`s the link that explains how to change the display language: thanks for your response. Your link has been very helpful. I can`t change the display language because of the company policy…

I have to install the English version of SQL. Buen d`a se`ores,Primero Agregar El idioma:Panel de control`Reloj, idioma y regi`n`IdiomaAgregar un idioma (Espa`ol Espaa)Panel de control-Reloj, idioma y regién-Idioma-Configuraci`n avanzadaestando ahé seleccionan la opcién Reemplazar el idioma para windows Espa`ol Espa`aRemplazar el metodo de entrada predeterminadoEspa-ol (Espaa) – Espa`olCambiado de metodo entrada dan Check-Permitir Establecer un metodo Usar la barra de idiomalisto Espero que les haya sido de ayuda From your description, you have downloaded the French installation media SQL Server, However, you have changed the language of your computer from French to English. If this is the case, it is an unsured scenario. We have very strict requirements for localized versions of SQL because, with the exception of English installation media, the language of the computer must correspond to the language of the operating system. If French SQL installed in French OS works, but the French media in English OS do not work. To change the settings of the operating system 1 user interface. If it`s not installed yet, install the MUI operating system that matches your localized version of SQL Server. 2. In the Configuration Panel, open regional and voice options. 3.

In the Languages tab for the language used in menus and dialog boxes, select a value from the list. This option affects the language of the SQL Server user interface, so it must match the localized version of SQL Server. 4. Click Apply to confirm the change, and OK to close the window. If you`ve downloaded the same version of the same SQL Server support area two or more times and you`re still receiving the same error message, try downloading the English VERSION in the U.S. to see if you can successfully install SQL Server this time, as explained in this thread.