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Grammar Circus is over and I couldn`t wait to share it with you! There are more than 200 activity cards in this package. This is the second activity in my Circus series, Receptive Language Circus is ready to see teachers Pay Teachers Store. I have inserted as many images as possible to give you a good overview 🙂 this grammar package contains 4 activities that you can use with your students: pronouns, irregular past predations, subject/verb overconform, and verb forms. These are the areas that my new students are most confronted with. Peanut pronouns makes your students work on pronouns: him, she, him, she, she, us and us. Students choose a card and read the sentence. There are 48 cards in total. Then they decide which pronoun best fits the raw material. If your students are not strong readers, you can read them the map.

If a student chooses a peanut card, they can leave. If you want to make it a game, you`ll see who has the most peanut cards or most of the cards in total to win. Juggling verb forms is an activity I`m quite proud of. There are 36 cards for each verb form, for a total of 108 cards! This activity is associated with two levels of difficulty that students can work on. Cards with the juggling boy give students a sentence and then give them a choice of what might be the right verb form. If the student chooses the right verb, he can keep his card. Cards with juggling monkeys provide students with a sentence and an underlined verb. You must specify the verb shape that is underlined, and then put it on the correct verb shape mat. Students can write their answers to the worksheet provided. There are also «Drop Ball» cards that cause students to lose a train, as well as «ticket» cards that give students an extra shot. Turn it into a game by seeing who can get the most tickets.

The subject/verb agreement is something for which many of my students have goals. There are 30 cards that can be used for is/are or what/were. Students read the sentence and decide which link should fill the void. Then they put the card on the right side of the carpet. Remind students that is/this is used when the material is singular and is/have been used with the plural. There are «Ticket» cards that allow you to turn the activity into a game. The last part is the verbs of irregular past forms. There are 36 irregular verb cards in the past and 12 «Pie» cards. Students read the sentence and decide which word correctly fills the gap. There are two options per card, one is the irregular past form of the verb and the other is the verb with a normal form of past….