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It`s important. What she hates is not always what exists. A few years ago, in South Florida, an apparently well-established department store collapsed, defrauding dozens of shippers of more than a million dollars (Google Blue Marlin Motors). The owner was arrested, tried, sentenced to more than 30 years. But almost no one got their money back or their cars. The time it usually takes for a car to be sold, says Robbins: «It really depends on the vehicle and current market conditions. This means that we sell some of the vehicles in a few days or, in some cases, even hours! In fact, over the years, we sold a whole series of vehicles on the same day that the customer sold them. But in total, we sell most cars in 45 to 60 days. Our initial delivery time is at least 90 days; However, we will keep the vehicle longer as long as we feel that the customer is working with us on the price and interest of the buyers. There are important steps in forming a partnership with an automotive consignment company before your vehicle is even on the market.

This implies that a consignment merchant does all this work for you. They`re selling the car. They bring the title and exchange it for a cheque from the merchant (not the buyer). Muscle cars are important among show sellers, as this selection at Streetside Classics in Arizona in late 2018 proves. When buying a muscle car, if you are concerned about instability, it is important to thoroughly inspect the vehicle and, if possible, explore the VIN and Trimm beacons to confirm that it matches the model and vehicle options. Most of us have consignment stores granting a major purchase on second-hand clothes or household items. And those who, at least, did not understand the concept. But imagine, buy or sell a collector`s car on the air.

Twenty years ago, some used car dealers put cars on the show and even delegated part of their lot to these vehicles. While the sale is not as much profit as a traditional net trade, the trader might have charged a pre-payment fee, adding to the money, while helping the seller. In addition, he generally added a bit of automotive bling to his lot that he hadn`t paid. Visit the company`s website – – for more information and a photo gallery of the current inventory.