Shorthold Tenancy Agreement Meaning

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You may also have signed an agreement that the property was granted under an occupancy licence. That is not enough to make the agreement a license. In an AST, the landlord can define the conditions under which the tenant can reside in the property. For example, they can pay the amount of rent owed and how and when it should be paid, the necessary down payment and the date of the tenancy expires and they also make rules regarding the rental contract, such as not smoking or pets in the accommodation. The basic principle behind an AST – and probably why it is called insured – is that it offers some security to the tenant, subject to certain restrictions. This means that the tenant, as long as he pays the rent and complies with the rental conditions, has the right to occupy the property for the agreed period – or «term,» as we know. If the landlord and tenant wish to extend the original tenancy, a new contract should be developed. If you have a verbal agreement with your landlord, it is still governed by the Landlord and Tenants Act of 1985, where most of the basic obligations and tenants` rights are defined. In addition, all leases, regardless of format, are derived from this law. Guaranteed short-term rent (AST) is the most common type of agreement used by landlords to rent real estate to private tenants.

STAs are usually given for a period of six months, but may be longer. At the end of this first agreed period, the lessor can evict the tenant for no definitive reason. You and your landlord may have entered into agreements on the lease, and they will be part of the lease as long as they do not conflict with the law. You and your landlord have legal rights and obligations. The rental agreement can give you and your landlord more than your legal rights, but no less than your legal rights. If a clause in the lease gives you less than your legal rights to your landlord, this clause cannot be applied. Note that not all clauses in your contract that are illegal can be enforced by your landlord or landlord, and in most cases you have the right to complain. The contract should not discriminate against you if you are disabled, and the lessor or broker should modify the lease to meet your needs if necessary. This page provides details on the rental deposit protection systems that you can use. The word «short circuit» is a bit misleading.

STAs are not necessarily short. The term shorthold is used to distinguish THE AST from rental housing that grants tenants common rights – see later. New ASTs are generally granted for fixed terms of 6 or 12 months, but according to this legal blog, there is no minimum duration and they can be granted for a maximum of seven years. Even if you do not have a verbal agreement, but you live in a property made available by your landlord and you pay rent, which is accepted, the law will recognize that there is a rental agreement between the two of you. Prior to February 1997, guaranteed leases were the most common form of rental, but they are now rarely used because owners tend to prefer ASD because they allow them to recover the property without cause or proven violation of a condition.