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11.4.14 Subject to some exceptions, pawnshops are subject to the Pawnshops Act 2015 and the PawnShop Rules 2015. The law considers that property held by a lender as collateral for the repayment of a loan is collateral. The same applies where the loan gives rise to a mortgage of the goods in accordance with Article 3(3c) of the Law. According to the first list of the act, goods are considered mortgaged when person A sells the goods to B at a price and B is then required to redeem the goods from A at a higher price. When the amount secured under a share mortgage is fixed, the mortgage is stamped on the basis of the fixed amount of the secured loan. This is subject to a maximum tax of $500. 11.2.8 Unsecured sales credits may be provided by an organization other than the supplier of goods or services, usually by a credit or credit card organization. In this scenario, the supplier would enter into a contract with the card issuing organisation, in which it would undertake, inter alia, to accept payments for its goods or services through the cards issued by the organisation (hereinafter referred to as the `trade agreement`). The organization would issue contracts with persons to whom cards will be issued (the «Cardholder Agreement»). Here, too, the usual contractual principles apply to these contracts. Therefore, in many situations, a separate stock seizure agreement in a lender`s security package can offer a number of benefits. 11.5.6 Another quasi-security feature, often used by businesses (to obtain the use of office equipment or equipment), is financial leasing.

This is a contractual agreement in which the owner usually rents goods for the estimated life of the goods to a tenant (who pays for the use of the goods). Unlike the lease purchase, the lease agreement does not grant the tenant a purchase option. In practice, the tenant can expect to be able to purchase the goods at the end of the rental agreement. Rents are calculated in such a way that the landlord amortizes the cost of capital of the goods and a profit margin during the period of the primary lease agreement. The usual contractual principles apply. Conditions can be included in the leasing agreement through the Supply of Goods Act (Cap 394, 1999 Rev Ed). Equitable Mortgage is an agreement or memorandum «on hand». This means that the agreement is signed but not under lock and key. An appropriate mortgage on shares relates to the creation of a share tax to ensure the payment or repayment of money. 11.5.3 Financial enterprises are the usual providers of credit by way of rental purchase. . .