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If you are self-employed but are in a company where you cannot reasonably qualify as a consultant, this document is for you. If you are a consultant, choose from legal advice contracts. For thousands of independents, a version of this document is presented to a new client as «my contract.» For any self-employed company, this is the essential starting point of the relationship. It is essential to ensure that you have made the appropriate decisions regarding the nature of the contract or agreement offered for the work you must do in your department. Independent contractors who have a service contract should not be paid through the university`s payroll and services are paid on invoices by the contractor. For more information on the service contract, please see 3.5 Contract Summary: Independent/Service Agreement. Contractors/clients can apply for a standard contract (in Dutch). Model agreements have been introduced as part of the 2016 Labour Relations Deregulation Act (Wet deregulering beoordeling arbeidsrelaties, DBA, in Dutch). As long as the business relationship between a client/contractor and a professional/independent is based on such an agreement, the contractors of this specific contract are exempt from paying payroll taxes for that tradesman. We have also provided a version of this agreement model, the contractor agreement (service company), which must be used if the contractor who contributes the contract with your company is a personal service or another business and not an individual. Please read the information page on this version for tax, employment status and IR35 information, where the contractor you entrust to the provision of services as part of the agreement for your business is an intermediary company and the work that includes the services is done for the intermediary by a person hired by that intermediary company. This agreement is intended to reduce the risk that the individual contractor will be considered a de facto employee of your company and not an independent.

However, whether he is being treated as an independent contractor by HMRC, an employment tribunal or any other body does not depend solely on the content of that contract. It also depends on all other circumstances, including the practical implementation of the contract and agreements between the freelancer, your company and anyone mandated by the Freelancer for the freelancer`s work. Confidentiality is a concern of customers who may entrust private or sensitive information to an independent contractor responsible for providing a service to the company.