Sample Job Agreement Contract For Teachers

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23. The worker is entitled to 12 days of sick leave per year of study. The worker must present a medical certificate issued by a doctor or hospital covering each period of illness/injury. If a doctor`s diagnosis indicates that the worker is unlikely to return to normal service after three months of uninterrupted sick leave, (the employer) reserves the right to terminate the contract. In this case, the cost of the ticket price for the workers is responsible for the initial place of departure (employer).24 The worker cannot work in any other place without permission (employer). If the worker does so, (the employer) reserves the right to revoke the worker`s legal work permit and legal residence permit.25 Termination of the contract, neither party can terminate this contract without «correct reason». If dismissal is unavoidable, the worker or employer must inform the other party in writing, indicating the exact reason for the dismissal. If such a notification is not adopted or challenged, the contract is sued until an arbitration can be reached. If the work is not pursued in accordance with the contract or by mutual agreement, the salary, accommodation, work certificate and other legal documents relating to work and residence in the employer may be revoked at the discretion of the employer.26 One of them terminates this contract without «appropriate cause» after the start and before the prescribed expiry date and must impose a penalty of $27.

If the worker wishes to terminate this contract before the expiry date set without «proper reason,» the employee is responsible for his own departure rate as well as the aforementioned penalty.28 If (the employer) intends to terminate this contract before the expiry date set without «proper reason,» the employer is liable for unpaid compensation and compensation due to the worker, as well as the worker`s severance rate at the original place of departure and the aforementioned injury penalty.29 Performance management, staff must perform assigned tasks in a timely manner and ensure the quality of their work. After 30 days of probation if the employee violates school rules and (staff) or if such situations: bad weather, absence, course after drinking a formal warning manifests itself within 7 days of the offence. After 3 formal warnings (employers) reserves the right to terminate this contract. 1. (employers) _______Employee__________________ Employer________________ This contract comes into effect with the signature of both parties and receipt by (the employer).3. Term of contract, this contract is terminated or modified, except for anything else, the / and ends the / / . If one of the parties does not wish to renew this contract, it ends with a natural procedure on the aforementioned date of termination.4 The renewal of the contract, if both parties are satisfied at the end of this contract, may be renewed for a fixed period of time. In the event of a renewal, (the employer) notifies the employee in writing – days before the termination date. When an extension agreement is reached, it is an integral part of this contract and extends the duration of the contract for the period specified in this agreement.5 On parole, the employee will first accept suspended classes. If the school and students are satisfied with the teaching of the staff, the contract takes full effect.

If the test is not satisfactory, the worker has the opportunity to adapt the teaching to the expectations. If the benefit is unsatisfactory at the end of the trial period, the contract may be terminated at the employer`s discretion.