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For more complex discounts – any discounts above the federal threshold of US$5,250,000 or business owners who want sales contracts – we offer erasable hourly fee agreements. For regular and trust discounts, we offer a package for services with slightly higher rates than for our simple discounts. A regular estate is a cumulative asset of more than a million dollars, which has a distribution of many assets (real estate, bank accounts, retirement accounts, investments, etc.) and / or has a complex allocation plan. Regular discounts can take longer than simple discounts, as the client has unlimited time for the first meeting and all the follow-up meetings necessary for the design and completion of the estate. We offer four different forms of billing for services in this section of our practice: check out our user-friendly letters of editor that are provided here for your convenience To hire a lawyer from our firm, all clients must execute a retainer agreement for services. Our retainer agreements describe the type of service to be provided as well as all costs and fees applied to all services provided by the company. We strongly recommend that all customers review our retainer agreement before receiving our services. If you have any questions or concerns related to the Retainer Agreement, you should address these concerns to your satisfaction before performing the Retainer Agreement. For simple discounts and trusts, we offer a package for services. .