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In all other cases, a single father must either enter into a parenting agreement with his mother or can be ordered by the court. A single father does not automatically have parental responsibility unless the child was born after December 2, 2016 and the child`s birth certificate is on the child`s birth certificate. If the father and mother of a child were married at the time of their birth, they each have parental responsibility for the child. This means that they both have the right to make decisions about the child. The highly anticipated Jersey Children Law 2002 came into effect on August 1, 2005. The new law completely amends much of the old law on parents and their children. The new law also affects people like grandparents and in-laws and gives you rights. The terms «retention,» «care and control» and «access» come out. These are replaced by «parental responsibility,» «residence» and «contact,» which are explained below. If there is a residence permit for children/Ren, you cannot change a child`s surname or take it from the island without any person responsible for parental responsibility having given their written consent. This does not apply to periods of less than one month. The court, if it wishes, can decide what should happen, or things that cannot happen on residence or contact orders. The child`s mother automatically has parental responsibility for her child.

A very concrete question of disagreement may be whether a child should live in a different jurisdiction. With so many families in Jersey coming from outside the island and many families with parents from different countries, the requests to take children abroad to live in Jersey are probably more numerous than in most places. Here too, if it is possible, it is better to reconcile things. Sometimes the parent left in Jersey will not be happy to leave the child and will try to stop the plans of the other parents. It`s always difficult, but if proper plans for education, housing, a source of income and a support network are put in place by parents who want to leave, and very robust plans for contact are established, with enforceable precautions for the child to return to Jersey and left for parents to travel to see the child in the new environment, the move can work.