Kaspersky Industrial Cybersecurity Maintenance Service Agreement

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You can look forward to the following topics: Support and training material Kaspersky Security Center Product Overview: Installation, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Basic Configuration: Installation, Kaspersky Security for Windows Server Configuration: Installation, System Management configuration, and mobile device management: Overview and operation Kaspersky Maintenance Service Agreement (MSA) (MSA Start Plus) – MSA Business. IT- «It`s » More than 80% of cybersecurity incidents are due to human error. Businesses are losing millions in the restoration of employee-related incidents. Conventional training programs are often unable to instill in employees the necessary behavioural changes and motivation. Kaspersky Lab has introduced a series of computer-based training products, based on the latest learning techniques and aimed at all levels of the company, with proven efficiency. Maintenance Service Agreement-MSA Start 3-Year Cert-Deals Up To $67K Almost half of the industry`s computers in 2018 are affected by cyberattacks For the smooth processing of your order, we highly recommend that you first check with Kaspersky regarding program details and eligibility. Please base your order on the manufacturer part numbers provided by the manufacturer. This update is for participants who have already taken our Deep Dive course, as well as Kaspersky`s product experience. It offers an additional opportunity to learn about the most current topics. The update gives you new information and gives you an overview of daily practice. Here you have the opportunity to give us your themes! If you are particularly interested in a topic – in previous courses, but there wasn`t enough time to do it in particular… Continue reading → Moscow/lngolstadt, 27 March 2019 – As the Hannover trade show industry (April 1-5) will create new innovations such as artificial intelligence and 5G in the industrial environment, a new report from Kaspersky [1] shows that conventional industrial computers are increasingly targeted by cyber criminals.

For example, in 2018, almost half (47.2%) ICS computers were affected by a cyberattack, up from 44% in 2017. In addition, 61 weaknesses were identified last year. In our edition of Insights by Arrow, we present with Stefan Zysset, senior technical sales engineer at Kaspersky Labs, the solution for the industrial environment. «Лаборатория Касперского» предлагает несколько вариантов лицензий, давая возможность пользователям приобретать или продлевать лицензию на необходимые продукты на оптимальных для себя условиях. Действие лицензии на ПО «Лаборатории Касперского» ограничено одним или двумя годами.