Isi Perjanjian Green Hilton Agreement

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The King of the King has a clichéd history of Sukarno`s treasures kept at the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS). The fairy tale was a joke based on the story of the agreement between President Sukarno and the President of the United States, John F. Kennedy (JFK), called The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement. Safari END said in the agreement, the United States agreed to recognize that the country`s wealth in the form of gold in the form of 57 thousand tons of gold comes from Indonesia. The gold fund was claimed by Bung Karno as a spoiler of war on America. The edition of the agreement was first published in 2008 by a website in circulation in the United States, namely In addition to Sukarno`s signature, Kennedy`s whereabouts are questionable. That is, according to some sources, because Kennedy that day he was in Washington DC, not Geneva. Another curiosity is that the stamp of the presidency of the United States in the agreement is different from the official stamp, the logo of the Garuda birds is different from the official mark and resembles the cutting. The URI at TrackBack is this entry: 1967 it was validated by the U.S. government, but unfortunately on November 24, 1963 Kennedy was assassinated and Sukarno was expelled from the palace in 1965. President Johnson, Kennedy`s successor, rescinded the agreement.

It`s a dollar printing deal with the support of gold. Since then, the fate of 57,147 tons of gold is mysterious, taken in the power of the Fed (Federal Reserves). Back to Safari ANS `Harta Amanah Soekarno` contains the story of the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement. The treaty is said to have taken place on 14 November 1963 in Geneva, Switzerland. The agreement was signed by Bung Karno and Kennedy, as well as a Swiss witness named William Vouker. In 2013, Indonesia was rocked by historical information about the secret treasures of Indonesia`s first president, President Sukarno. The secret treasure that would have been linked to an agreement called Memorial Green Hilton.