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For external projects, the contract would be a priority. There would be no contract for internal projects. Try to understand the purpose of both documents – the contract does not authorize the PM who makes a charter. Let me say categorically that a computer is an extremely important document. It is very different from a contract. Both are necessary for different reasons. A PC recognizes and authorizes the project within an organization, while a contract is a legally binding agreement between two different organizations (buyer and seller). The PC is issued by the project sponsor, while the contract is negotiated and signed by the buyer and seller. Charter part, a contract by which the owner of a ship leases it to others to transport a cargo. The shipowner continues to control the navigation and management of the vessel, but its cargo capacity is exercised by the charterer.

Depending on the type of vessel and the type of charter, a standard contract form, designated as a party to the charter, is used to record the exact rate, duration and conditions agreed between the owner and the charterer. A legally binding agreement between buyer and seller. Without added value, the Charter becomes a cost of no real use. Chartering is an activity within the marine industry in which a shipowner leases the use of his vessel to a charterer. The contract between the parties is referred to as the «charter party» (the «charter party» or the French «sharing document»). The three main types of charters are: chartering, travel chartering, and on-time chartering. A contract is a binding contract for both parties, requiring the seller to provide the indicated product or service or the specified result, and requiring the buyer to pay for it. The Charter seems obsolete to me, with the exception of the initiation and general definition of the project for projects funded in-house. The agreement is in effect in accordance with the Charter, but may be amended during the Charter period, subject to the agreement of the Secretary of State and the BBC. There are four main methods for chartering a tramp boat – charter, on-time charter, cash charter and «flat-rate contract.»