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Due to a lack of resources, experience and networks, start-ups offer services that help them overcome the first hurdles to starting a business. These barriers include space, financing, law, accounting, IT services and other business management conditions. Business incubators are distinguished from research and technology parks by their commitment to start-ups and breakfast. On the other hand, research and technology parks are generally large projects that house everything from corporate laboratories, government or university laboratories to very small businesses. Most research and technology parks do not provide support services to businesses that are the hallmark of a business incubation program. However, many research and technology parks house incubation programs. [3] In India, business incubators are encouraged in a variety of ways: as technology incubators and as start-up incubators, the first is technology activities (mainly consulting and promoting technology-related companies) and, subsequently, the promotion of start-ups (with greater emphasis on the creation of new businesses, the scale of enterprises, prototyping patenting, etc.). The mission to create specific innovations among young researchers. 101 specialty business nurseries have been strengthened by AIM-India in different parts of India.

For example, AIC-IIITKottayam,[7] is an incubator based on a start-up that specializes in cloud research IoT in collaboration with leading personalities in Cubatoren from Germany, the United States, Austria, etc. However, not all incubators are equal, so if you have a specific idea for a business, try to find the incubator that best meets your needs. If you would like to find an incubator in your state, visit the National Business Incubation Association website. Or contact your local economic development agency, which is in the directory under the list for your government. You can also call the information offices of your local colleges and universities to see if they have business incubation programs. More than half of the companies` incubaation programs are mixed-use projects, working with clients in a wide range of industries. Technology incubators account for 39% of incubator programs. [10] Incubators are often grouped into networks used to exchange best practices and new methods. The European Network for Business and Innovation Centres (EBN) [17] brings together more than 250 European Centres for Enterprise and Innovation (EU| BIC) throughout Europe. France has its own national network of technopoles, pre-incubators and the EU| BICs, called RETIS Innovation.