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The contracts of our executive directors and the letters of appointment of our non-executive directors with GSK or one of their subsidiaries can be seen at GSK House. Please contact the company secretary to arrange an inspection at the following address: As part of a «formal and transparent procedure» for the development of the executive compensation policy and the definition of the remuneration packages for individual directors, the Corporate Governance Code requires that (on a compliance or explanation basis): the service contract between an employer and a director is both a legal agreement and an agreement legal. an incentive tool: it is also at the heart of many corporate governance concerns, particularly with regard to «rewards for failures». The joint statement by the ABI and NAPF concludes: «It is unacceptable that poor executive performance that affects the value of a company and threatens the livelihoods of employees can lead to excessive payments to outgoing directors. Boards have a responsibility to ensure that this does not happen. Today, a company is legally required to provide written terms and conditions of employment to a manager like any other employee. It is advantageous for both parties to define the package in an employment contract (for administrators, also known as a service directors agreement) rather than in a few words of the company. .