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«News feeds are very useful for me in the areas where I practice. The quality of the material is very good and the news feeds give a brief overview of the latest developments. In the absence of agreement between the parties in the United States, each inventor (and therefore his assignee) has the right to use the invention, to concede it and to exploit it otherwise, regardless of the other co-inventors. In the absence of agreement between the parties, all inventors who contribute to a single patent claim have a presumption of ownership of the entire patent. Often, these engines lead the parties to focus on the negotiations, to which the country of mind belongs. But this may mean that the underlying drivers are not really addressed. If you are having trouble finding an agreement on ip ownership, it is a good idea to take a step back and think about each of these underlying drivers and think about the mechanisms that can be used to meet the needs of each party. The Joint Development Agreement should also address the question of how to resolve property disputes. In the United States, intellectual property rights are granted by federal authorities and are governed by federal law, but intellectual property is controlled by state law. Therefore, the forum and dispute resolution format are an important provision. Depending on the form, content and circumstances, a development contract can be terminated in different ways: by expiry of the development contract, termination, dissolution, annulment, nullity and consensual consent. Some of these termination options may be excluded by contract in the development contract.

On the other hand, a development contract can normally be terminated after a reasonable period of time on the basis of case law (otherwise it would remain in force indefinitely), even if no termination is provided. Of course, you often develop the IP for your client and you will see how you can continue to use the IP to improve your own business position. B for example to use other customers in other sectors. Depending on your trading position or how you offer incentives to your client (e.g.B. updated development costs), you can retain ownership of the IP or have a permanent license for use for your own purposes. Beyond ownership, the joint development agreement should clearly address each party`s rights to the use, licensing and other uses of innovations developed by joint development. Parties may accept specific technological areas or products for the exclusive use of each party and certain technological areas that are not exclusively used. The parties can also unseed geographical lawns in which each party can operate exclusively. During the discussion on the distribution of rights, the parties should also clearly define the obligation (or right) to file, prosecute and maintain patent applications, copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights that have been developed through cooperation.