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There are some basic things you can do to avoid breakdowns: the most dangerous time for most boilers, especially the most common condensation boilers, is winter, which is unfortunately the case if you probably need it most. offers all the benefits of HomeCare Three plus Home Electrics. This includes repairs on your power lines and devices in your home and outbuildings, safety plates and electrical faucets that are defective, damaged or defective. . British Gas offers a popular type of protection for your boiler, heating, electricity, plumbing and sewers. Here we take a closer look at the HomeCare range of the UK`s largest energy supplier: British Gas. There are a few exceptions for HomeCare Three as showers and their parts, common sewers and mud removal and scale removal. . Prices are set for the first year and unlimited boiler calls are included each year. Be advised; Their troubleshooting history will be taken into account in price developments next year. [1] More information about how we collect and use your personal data can be found in our privacy statement. HomeCare One to Four Products includes an annual boiler service to make sure your boiler is safe and in good condition. HomeCare One and Homecare Two cover most of the things you`d expect, although there are a few exceptions: central heating repairs, showers, sludge removal and scale are not covered.

We have made some changes to our terms and conditions for small businesses that, under these conditions, are immediately effective and include for all customers: With HomeCare Four, exclusions are the same as HomeCare Three, but repairs to electrical appliances or hoods are also not covered. For more information on central heating, visit our corresponding guide page. Protect yourself from the surprising boiler-covered boiler costs. . Here`s a look at British Gas`s HomeCare Cover range. HomeCare One is the basic homecare product that provides coverage for your gas boiler and orders, while HomeCare Two offers coverage for your boiler and orders, but also covers repairs to your central heating, including radiators, pipes and hot water bottles. HomeCare offers a number of products, so the level of maintenance and coverage volume, and price vary depending on your needs. British Gas`s HomeCare One to Four products for central heating and gas boilers provide maintenance, maintenance and coverage for outages or repairs. With over 6,000 registered Gas Safe technicians and a 24/7 customer support line, you can be sure to be in safe hands when repairing. With an annual boiler service included by default in the HomeCare range, British Gas can also cover electricity, sewers and plumbing. [1] Limit values apply; Please see the terms and conditions of sale, fortunately it is easy to do something about it, so there is no reason that you should leave without heating and expensive calls to your local plumber. Boiler maintenance is one of the most important problems that homeowners face today, especially with so many properties throughout Britain, which contain older models that need to be maintained regularly.

There is nothing worse, especially during the winter months, than having a boiler on the flasher. There are four products with different covers: HomeCare One, HomeCare Two, HomeCare Three and HomeCare Four. You`ll find all the options available in the table below. British Gas HomeCare Three includes coverage for your gas boiler and controls, central heating, plumbing and sewers; This includes repairs to hot and cold water pipes and the water pipe within the boundary of your land. Unlocking and repairing sewers and waste pipes are also included to restore flow.