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A music licensing agreement is intended to ensure that copyrighted music holders are compensated financially for the use of their music. If you make music and then you want to protect and earn income from your music. This depends on the specific license, but as a general rule, a fee is levied by artistic work and for each use. All our awards are based on how a work of art is used and how commercial the project is. For example, a work of art will charge a higher fee as it is displayed prominently (z.B. on the front page of a book or in an advertising campaign). For more specific advice, take a look at our price lists, choose your industry and your expected use. When you authorize your work, you give someone else permission to use your graphics in a certain way, for a certain period of time, for specific purposes. Use on print, greeting cards, posters, clothing or even marketing materials and souvenirs could be part of the goals. With a license, you can choose exactly what your work can be used for, where it can be used in the world, and how long while you receive income from the licensee – the person or company applying for the license – for that use.

Licenses also control the use of images of artists in books, magazines, newspapers, online, in video, advertising and other media. Artquest recommends DIC as a licensee: we receive no financial benefit for this recommendation. Copyright license means that the copyright owner allows you to use your artworks in a certain way for specific purposes. Our licenses are not exclusive. The first step in obtaining permission to use registered material is to determine who owns the copyright and contact them. Sometimes this can be a challenge, as there are often two «rights» (composers, lyricists, performers, labels or publishers) with which an agreement can be reached. The best starting point is the music publisher or the label. You can find the contact information of the musical organizations below in this article. If you can`t find the copyright owner about these organizations, try a licensing company like PPL PRS to get information about their licensed registrations. Creative Commons licenses have been created to allow for limited automatic rights, more flexible for artists who wish to encourage the use of their works. You can choose between commercial and non-commercial agreements, with or without registration to you are the creator, and a number of other factors. Here too, you can continue to own the copyright and you can revoke that license on request.

How long will your contract last? While you retain the copyright to the artwork at all times, you give the company the right to sell it on its product. In my experience, agreements can take anywhere from 2 to 5 years. After this period, you could again allow the same art for the same product, in the same field with another company. As an artist, you are always recognized as the author of the image in licensed works, which increases your audience while generating revenue from your work. As an artist, musician or songwriter, it`s your songs that make you money. You generate income and maintain your musical career. There are a whole series of different ways, like you can use a song to bring extra money and also to promote yourself as an artist. How to write money… Read more «We can grant most of the rights to the works of artists we represent and whose works are copyrighted, within the meaning of the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988 (modified).