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Such training should be carried out within the framework of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Advertising content requirements are regulated. Here`s a short one: – Don`t play with contrasts between your fresh coffee and the competition`s drinks. A sad guy with a MacCafé and a cheerful guy with your glass on the same banner – it`s forbidden as unfair competition; – Avoid advertising similarities with road signs, it is dangerous for road traffic, it is prohibited. Please do not confuse the logo of the café in the form of a road sign with the «Cafe» sign – these are installed by Rosavtodor and branches they can; – Pay attention to word games and images. Vigilant citizens will see everything on an advertising poster – for example, a call to drink American-style coffee and not to a local chicory and write a complaint against you to the prosecutor`s office. So, if you want to play with the opposition of «American» and «Rusiano», hire a lawyer; – and no eroticism with coffee makers and cups in advertising if you don`t want to get an age category for it. The Advertising Act does not regulate the technical specification of outdoor advertising. However, it is imperative to draw up specifications, otherwise the request for advertising will not be approved.

What is the presentation agreement? This rental of real estate for advertising purposes can be printed on five pages. Collect in a set of documents: – request, – receipt from the obligation of the State, – technical specification for the advertising structure written by the owner or by you, – advertising layout without violation of the advertising law, – agreement with the owner of the advertising space – and no matter what your municipality wants to see. The legal placement of outdoor advertising also scares many coffee shop owners on paper. They do things differently: they pay the inspectors every month, they don`t place outdoor advertising, they get away with signs. The way to advertise is the decision of an entrepreneur. This is a section about what happens when you opt for illegal advertising. According to the legislation, the lease must be registered in a number of situations. This is done in a specific state register. How to formulate the duration of the contract in this regard so that it is recognized by the court as non-name, which is subject to the provisions of the rental contract? Advertising structures belong to the city, advertising agencies that rent to the city, individuals and companies. The logic is simple: find the owner or tenant of the advertising space, check his rights on the desired advertising stock, conclude a contract. You will get permission for any outdoor advertising. You submit the same advertising request in any city in Russia….